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Foto Danny Dill

Hi. My name is Danny Dill.

In the canton of Aargau Switzerland, in Baden to be precise, Daniel Dill or Danny, as many of his friends call him was born. Danny got infected with the love for music from a very tender age. As a small child he would often spend his free time putting his mother’s records on the turntable, her Elvis records being his favorite.
It was his dream to one day become a DJ. It was only natural that when he became a teenager he got into dancing. He joined a dance group where he specialized in street dance and electric boogie.
At the age of twenty – two Danny ventured on to living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he met a Jamaican girl. He was then introduced to the Jamaican culture and it’s music, reggae and dancehall. On his first visit to Jamaica before returning home to Switzerland, he instantly fell in love with the island, it’s people and got more interested in their music.
After spending a lot of years dancing and seeing how others enjoyed dancing to different beats and riddims, he decided it was time to make his dream a reality. He bought himself a sound system with turntables and a mixer so he could learn how to mix. He would practice for hours at home but of course this wasn’t going to turn him into a professional DJ. In 2005 he attended Spin Dj Academy in Zurich, where he learnt the art of mixing.
At the end of his course he was now able to make professional mixtapes. DJ Crazy D as he would now call himself, went to clubs and bars and introduced himself as an upcoming DJ. The club and restaurant managers loved his style of mixing and he landed his first gig at a restaurant in his hometown Baden. Then he was getting gigs at nightclubs, special events, bars and lounges. He had accomplished his dream of becoming a DJ.
In 2008 Danny became a father to a Jamaican born son. It was at this time he decided he wanted more than just a visit to the island, he wanted to stay for sometime. Danny made it to his aim to play Jamaican music as a foreigner in Jamaica. Spinning in Jamaica was very different for Danny. Jamaicans required a different style of mixing, so it wasn’t as easy for him to get a start. Danny had to learn to spin for a Jamaican crowd. He was introduced by friends to club managers where he got the opportunity to practice his styles of mixing. He also went around the north coast of Jamaica and handed out his mixtapes to hotels and clubs. With his ambition his drive and his passion for music, he quickly made a leap and became the resident DJ at the Palmyra hotel in Rose Hall, Chill Out Hut in Long Bay and also the infamous Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay. Once he returned to Switzerland he continued building and maintaining his name as DJ Crazy D, with numerous bookings at parties, weddings and clubs.
Later, Danny also discovered another two talents he carries within himself. His passion in applying the Classical Swedish Massage, for which he is qualified and also his enthusiasm to teach German, which he did at Mount Alvernia Prep School in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where his son attended school.
Today, with these three skills, as a disc jockey, masseur, teaching german and english, Danny offers his services internationally.